Workshop: Information, society and ethic responsibility of the computer scientist

In January 2015, the school I was enrolled in at the moment presented us with the opportunity to take part in a complementary workshop on subjects tangential to computer science and data collection. Among the many proposed subjects I decided to select one I had already affinities with in order to delve deeper into it. The name of the workshop was “Information, société et responsabilité éthique de l'informaticien”, which roughly translates to “Information, society and ethic responsibility of the computer scientist” in English.

The workshop went over several aspects of the question of ethics in computer science. We glossed over philosophical questions and definitions before moving on the subject of the laws in place in France as well as discussing technical examples and expanded pong hypothetical situations and thought experiments. We concluded the week on possible future problematics, including Transhumanism.

At the conclusion of the week long workshop we were tasked to prepare a presentation expanding on one of the subject that had been treated during the week.Along with Hugo Poissonnet, we decided to focus on web surveillance. In our presentation we went over the ways the surveillance can be enacted, what data is collected and the ways to escape it when you can.

We touched on several subjects, including the choice of a web browser, what edd-ons and plugins to install, and what client-side configuration can be made to circumvent certain methods of surveillance.

The presentation, made with LibreOffice, is available here in French under the terms of the Creative Commons license.