Research Paper: Research Operating Systems In The Real World

As part of my final year at the ESGI, I was required to write a Research Paper. Since the subject was left to our own discretion, I decided to use this opportunity as an excuse to explore a field I was deeply passionate and curious about: Operating Systems.

Teaming up with Mamadou Coulibaly for this long project, we decided to focus on Research Operating Systems. This was an opportunity for us to try, analyse and dissect several OS’s including:

While this paper is focused on these four OS’s, I also took it upon myself to write an introduction presenting the usual structure of an OS.

As an additional goal, we decided to write the entire paper in English using LaTeX.

The full paper is available here. It was made in LaTeX using TexMaker with some diagrams made with Dia. I’ll probably upload the sources at some point. If you’re interested in haveing the proper .tex, .dia and image files, shoot me an email.

We were also asked to give a short talk to sum up our work. The presentation was made with a yeoman generator providing a reveal.js project. The complete project is available here on github and can be seen live here on