dViz Tools jsx

Rewrite of a several data-visualisation scripts for Adobe Illustrator in jsx for the latest versions.

This project has been created in my work at StudioV2.

This repository contains several script meant to help you create data visualisation with Adobe Illustrator. These scripts are updated version of the scripts available here made to work on the more recent versions of Adobe Illustrator (CS5, CS6 and CC).


Scripts overview

While the scripts have not yet been all rewritten, several are already working:

Analog Clock.jsx

This script allows you top draw an analog clock.

Analog Clock script GUI

Analog Clock render


This script allows you to easily create simple isotype charts from an existing symbol. You must have the symbol you want to use to create your visualisation selected before launching that script.

Stacks script GUI

Stacks render

Radiating Bar Graph.jsx

This script makes it easy to create radiating bar graphs with numerous customisation options.

Radiating Bar Graph GUI

Radiating Bar Graph render