What is BaseProject ?

BaseProject is an attempt at creating a simple way to manage project stubs with the help of git and the GitHub platform. This is done through a simple bash script that takes a lot of inspiration from Yeoman.

Basically, you store some projects you want to use as bases on your GitHub repo. You configure the BaseProject to look up on that repo, and it will allow you to interactively clone, rename, scrap off the git history and start a new repo.

Warning: this project is still in developement and is not really functionnal as it is.

Getting BaseProject

As of now, BaseProject is hosted on GitHub here, that might change some day.

Using BaseProject


Command line parameters

-l | --login

-d | --default

-u | --update



BaseProject is designed to have a very limited number of dependencies, most of which are probably alredy present on your system if your using a UNIX-based OS. The only dependency that shouldn’t be present on your system by defaulti is git..

The exhaustive list of dependencies is as follows:



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