What is this place?

For some reason you have reached this little website of mine. I use it mainly to showcase and host all the “stuff” I made. There’s some neat things to see including several of my personal software projects, ramblings and old school works. If you’re more of a DIY guy you might want to take a look at some of my personal electronics projects. I also recently added some of the maps I created for Strife and Doom here.

Most of my personal project and contributions can also be found on my github page here.

There’s a pretty cool paper I wrote in engineering school over there. It’s about Operating Systems. Maybe that will interest you.

What now?

I think there’s nothing more to tell here, browse the site and if you like what you find, why don’t you stay a while and listen.

All the views and opinions expressed throughout the various pages and articles of this website are my own and do not represent those of my employers (past, present and future). That said, all opinions presented here are subject to change, that's how opinions work.